Monday, June 21, 2010

The Power Of Words

By Mel Avila Alarilla.

Words can hurt. Words can build up or destroy. So let us be careful with what we say and how we say it. Words are cheap. There are words that cut deeply into one's soul and no amount of apologies can rectify the hurt that was done. We may feel good when we give someone a piece of our mind, but what about that someone? We may have left him devastated.

Disapproving words and words that belittle a little child can become a self fulfilling prophecy when he grows up. We may be disappointed with our children and we rebuke them with hurting words that cut deeply into their souls and shatter their self confidence. We can be sure that those words will hung in their necks and manifest in their lives when they grow up and mature.

Sometimes, words can provoke anger and violence. It is better to hold back our tongues when there is nothing good that we can say. As they say, silent waters run deep and a bubbling brook holds no depth. Gossips, idle talks and back stabbing are some of the worse words that can ever leave one's mouth. They do no good and destroy the reputation of others. Better to keep our peace and hold our tongues in check.

If we must speak, let us speak words of encouragements, words of inspiration, words of love and words that uplift rather than deflate others. Let us become harbingers of peace and joy to the world. Together with a winsome smile, gentle words of approbation uplifts the spirits of those we come in contact with. Let us bring joy, love, peace and harmony into the world by our gentle and soothing words.

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