Friday, February 8, 2013

Three Motivation Tips - It Start With a Goal

Do you ever wonder why some people have so much motivation that they can graduate from college at 20, have their PhD by 25 and, have traveled the world by 30 - yet others are the complete opposite when it comes to motivation, and are still living at home with their parents at 40? Do you ever wonder exactly how you can be one of those people who are so motivated, they seem to get and do anything they put their minds to? It doesn't have to be that difficult, all you need are a few motivation tips to boost your day to day productivity and happiness - and guess what? They're all around you.

Most people need simple and easily implemented motivation tips. The vast majority of people who are highly motivated are generally running towards something (a dream, a goal, a desire, etc.), and in some cases, are running away from something (a fear, negativity, etc.). Your best option is to learn from these people and increase your own personal motivation. You need to discover exactly what it is you want to run towards (even if you are running away, there is usually something you are running towards at the same time). The first motivation tip is to find your passion! So, maybe you're 5'6" and known as 'shrimp' on the court.