Sunday, April 24, 2016

How To Attract Money

See yourself as a money magnet then position your mind to same frequency of the flow of money. To quite number of people money is scared! A lot of them will not believe that money is always available, the rich they said will keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer!

Even if you teach it to a large audience that money is present in overflowing abundance. This is just one truth that is very difficult for most people to believe. They justify their wrong belief with these thoughts, saying how come a lot of people do not have enough money in their pocket to spend if it is true that money is not scared? What a missing link.

If your hands find nothing to do attend to the cultivation of your brain! Many years ago it was said that men of old were living by their physical strength through the use of swords and arrows but the world of today the brain is the power house of success.

People do not possess money just because money likes to come to them, money comes to them because they are doing something in a certain way that attracts money to them. If you are always not having enough money to live a life of your choices, then you need to learn to do the things that attract money.

Quite a number of people live their lives doing what Repels money and thinking they are actually doing things that bring money to them, this is one major reason why a lot of people are poor.

Repelling money Equal attracting money. Many are in the business of selling their time. The only thing they know how to do best is sell their time working for people, not even considering whom or why they are working, with the people they work for.

Your time spent Equal a fraction of your life.

If you are in a business of selling your time, what you are simply doing is that you are selling a fraction of your precious life-time which is usually sold for a peanut. You cannot get rich by selling your time, you can only stay poor or be an average person doing what you are doing. Selling your time for money will give you the money that you can only manage to get.

Selling your time sets a limit on how much money you can attract in life, you cannot go above your boss in office. They wake up at early hours every day doing the same thing without change for peanut called salary, which is slavery mentality. Selling your time will not earn you the abundance of money you desire. It will not make you rich.

The Solution, Your Mindset;

Selling your ideas will do. The rich do not sell their time; they specialize on selling their wealth, what they do is convert their time into wealth and then employ others to help them sell the wealth while they pay their employees for the value of their time spent selling for them. The rich therefore convert their own time into wealth by using their time to create wealth. The rich think of creating the wealth that will fetch them unlimited money while the poor think of selling their time for limited amount of money, be wise.

Is working for others wrong? No! My next article you will learn the principles of how to convert your job to becoming a boss, you can Leverage on your job to become financially free.

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Christopher King

Genesis of a New Job

The big questions and perhaps the fear of many is for how long should I continue on a job before starting mine. Before you even think of quitting your old job to start your own, it is important and advisable you understand or master the field of business you want to go into, if you want to be successful the following point need to be noted, because there is nothing you want to do that has never be done before.

(a) Get expert advice in line of business you are going into

(b) Be optimistic and honest with yourself

(c) Check your attitude toward people

(d) Get to know your environment and your target audience

(e) Be a good sale person, what it means is your communication skills should be polish

(f) Do more of saving than spending, spent on relevant things

(g) Start small; any business manage from the scratch tenth to do well on a long run if it’s well manage

(h) Be willing to learn; ask questions from those ahead of you in the same line of business, there is nothing you want to do that has not be done before

(i) Fine a mentor; if there is nothing new in the line of business you want to do then you can succeed faster from learning from others mistakes

(j) Joint a team of like-minded.

Be focus and faithful to the process, perseverance is the key to any successful business, the process of anything can be very rout. Gold in it raw form is nothing until it undergo the process of refining.
And above all be faithful to your God, because He alone can give you the power to make wealth.