Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Money 101

A man worth is not measure by the abundance of money he has but how many life or situation he is able to put in order. Somebody says if you want to be successful just help enough people success. I tried to explain to us on my previous article, some of the things we can do to attract just enough money to our life, one of sure is how Time Management , time management can help you to be productive.

Time management is a very vital resource we should take very serious, there is a saying that says that time is money. Time is not actually money in quote, but can be a vital instrument that can put money in your bank account if well managed. Take all my money away and give me time I will double the money again.

Every time you spend working for people you have just sold a fraction of your precious life-time which you usually give out for a peanut.I just found a resoure that can you put a stop to it. Check it out! and let me know what you think.

What might be going through your mind right now is how can I attract this money, wait a minute, take a pause for a moment, let us first understand or define what money really is, reasons is it can change our mind –set, our believe and attitude about money, understand that money is never SCARE, this is a mind-set I have battle for long that money is scare, It take an ideal to call money to reality.
According to the definition of Commerce we are made to know that money is anything that is generally accepted, an not here to tell you what commerce say, they have all failed us, there is no sure class as Money 101, money is not taught in out elementary school, our community and family has all failed us. As entrepreneur we see things different from just definition, which is what our high school teachers has lived by for many years which has not bring any changes, we have to live beyond the boundary of what our school had taught us.

Still trying to understand what money is, let me put it this way that money is a Game and to every game there is a rule guiding it, so when you play to the rules you win, if you go against the rules you lose. I have two younger brothers. The first, there is nothing you give him that you come back to meet, he just spend it within a short time. The second, give him a bottle of coca cola he save it, give him money he save it that even you that gave him the money come back to borrow from him sometime with interest on it. He is productive with everything in his hands; he is not wasteful with every cent that comes to him.

This illustration is a picture and the beginning of attract money…… no matter how hard you work if you do not manage what come to you; you will not amount to anything in life. To control an empire of wealth, these 3 keys should not be ignored.

1. Value It
2. Control It
3. Save It

The secret to life is, anything you Value most you tend to Control it and if you can controlled it, there is every tendency you can Save it and if can save it, it will eventually work for you, by so doing you are already attracting money to yourself.Thanks