Sunday, April 24, 2016

Genesis of a New Job

The big questions and perhaps the fear of many is for how long should I continue on a job before starting mine. Before you even think of quitting your old job to start your own, it is important and advisable you understand or master the field of business you want to go into, if you want to be successful the following point need to be noted, because there is nothing you want to do that has never be done before.

(a) Get expert advice in line of business you are going into

(b) Be optimistic and honest with yourself

(c) Check your attitude toward people

(d) Get to know your environment and your target audience

(e) Be a good sale person, what it means is your communication skills should be polish

(f) Do more of saving than spending, spent on relevant things

(g) Start small; any business manage from the scratch tenth to do well on a long run if it’s well manage

(h) Be willing to learn; ask questions from those ahead of you in the same line of business, there is nothing you want to do that has not be done before

(i) Fine a mentor; if there is nothing new in the line of business you want to do then you can succeed faster from learning from others mistakes

(j) Joint a team of like-minded.

Be focus and faithful to the process, perseverance is the key to any successful business, the process of anything can be very rout. Gold in it raw form is nothing until it undergo the process of refining.
And above all be faithful to your God, because He alone can give you the power to make wealth.


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